The Rise of the Dutch Republic — Volume 09: 1564-65

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Elizabeth peremptorily called upon the bishops January, to restore uniformity, and Parker with Grindal and others drew up a "Book of Articles", which he forwarded to Sir William Cecil 3 March, To his intense annoyance they were not approved; but after many delays and alterations they were again submitted to Cecil 28 March, , and published under the title of "Aduertisements, partly for due order in the publique administration of common prayers and usinge the holy sacraments, and partly for the apparell of all persons ecclesiasticall.

The "Advertisements" recognize that it is impossible to get the cope worn at the communion service, and are content to enforce the use of the surplice. Hence, then, the clerical vestment for all services is the surplice, in the parish church, and the cope for the communion service in cathedral churches. Even that was too much for the liking of the extremists.

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Conformity was enforced under penalty of deprivation, thus giving rise to violent dissensions which embittered Parker's closing years, and occasioned the first open separation of Nonconformists from the Church of England. Copyright Catholic Online.

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The Dutch Golden Age – How the Dutch Republic Became so Prosperous in the 17th Century

Industrial Poisoning from Fumes. Wolf Ear the Indian.