The DuCaine Sisters

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He could, but as an outlaw he would have put as much distance as possible between himself and them. Does Tanya have brothers or sisters? Does Mallory have brothers or sisters? Mallory had an older brother who was killed in the resistance. Her life is an attempt to take his place.

He might, or might not. Are there magic users on Puckworld or is it that the Ducks are just users of technology? I personally have no problem with their being one special duck not one of the MDs obviously who somehow has magic powers. So tell anybody who flames you they'll have to mess with me first!

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The DuCaine Sisters

Or can we use creative license on the possibility of the ducks having girlfriends, siblings that was not mentioned and have magic users other than Saurian magic users on Puckworld? Of course. It's fanfic. It's supposed to be fun. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lady DuCaine hide bio. Author has written 25 stories for Mighty Ducks.

“Does your mother know you climb around on the roof so late at night?”

Sort: Category. Knowing You by Silver Elf Child reviews With Dragonus destroyed the ducks planned on going home, but can they without one of their own? My first MD fic. In their old lives on Puckworld wo the team? How would their paths cross? TD 4 Ever! Nosedive finds out that not only has he lost WildWing but his parents, and now has a huge debt to pay. Can the others help? The Hunting Season reviews The ducks are hunted by an unknown hunter.

Could Wildwing be the one who is hunting down his own people? Can Kaladan's strange friend Kasar give them the clue to the real hunter before it's too late? Where to go now? Fireworks The Ducks celebrate the Fourth of July. Confirmation reviews Someone gives Duke some information, which confirms his own feelings. Input Weeks of working on a gateway generator leaves a lot to be desired. Ellyne [3FL.

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