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Powerhunch!: Living an Intuitive Life: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition

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PSY 508 - Intuition In Business - Marcia Emery: University of Philosophical Research

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  • New to markmybook? Existing User? Log in. Block Allow. Marcia Emery. Createspace Independent Pub. Management decision making. Call it a gut feeling, a sudden knowing, a bolt from the blue. Again, stepping away from ourselves, centering, breathing, calming, can help us to know the difference between true intuitive wisdom and a fear barrier or a wishful thinking barrier. Emery stresses that nothing works right when we are out of balance. Keeping body, mind, heart and soul together are a very necessary part to the successful use of the intuitive process. She believes very strongly in the use of play to help accomplish this.

    By taking some of the seriousness out of a situation, we may be able to see the solution more clearly. As we become more attuned to the intuitive process we can trust our bodies to be what Dr.


    The PowerHunch Workshop focuses on exercises on how to make our bodies become an intuitive antenna. Timing is everything is the focus of this chapter of Dr. The trick to knowing intuitively the right timing for success is learning how to tell if you are acting according to your quiet intuition or your rash logical mind. To this end, Dr. Through client examples, she shows the different types of intuitive timepieces there are. One used the image of a clock, another an hourglass and a one even used a bar graph in order to help them determine the correct intuitive timing.

    According to Dr.

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    They are when making an important decision, implementing a major change and reaching out to another person. In trying to decide whether or not to get married, a client first has to bypass her fears and through the use of breathing exercises, center herself. She then asks herself a series of questions the answers for which come to her in a variety of ways.

    She received environmental, visual and audio clues the interpretation of which led her to not only her decision but the reason behind her indecision in the first place. In making certain decisions regarding timing, such as should I change my job, Dr. Emery uses visualization as one of the tools in getting the timing right. She suggests playing with different types of yes or no imagery so we can get used to seeing what works best for us.

    The main point that comes up in deciding what time is the correct time to make a major change is that most of the time, the issue of change comes during an already stressful time in our lives. It is extremely important that we use the PowerShift technique in order to put ourselves into a completely relaxed state, the better in which to be able to listen to our intuition. What area of our live is more complex than the one dealing with relationships?

    It becomes, therefore, one of the areas in which intuition can play an extremely important part. Emery explores this use of intuition in dealing with social relationships, family and coworkers. Emery gives examples of just how to do this in the PowerHunch Tools. She tells us how to successfully weave our way through the minefield of our social relationships using our intuitive wisdom with the tools she provides. Another way Dr. Emery uses to help us tune into those around us is through a telepathic bond.

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    This is an example of a telepathic bond. Her suggestion is for us to learn how to use this not only in emergency situations but in order to help us determine the needs of the people we love. The place where we work is very often where we spend most of our time. It is very important to be able to understand the inner workings and the needs of those people who inhabit this environment with us on a daily basis.

    Emery again takes us through the visualization process and the PowerShift techniques in order to help us become more aware, not only of why a coworker or boss may be irritated but how to use our intuition to help them out of the situation. She then discusses how the use of intuition can help us in many workplace situations, such as, dealing with support staff, coworkers and hiring people. Emery uses the example of a child falling down and having its boo-boo kissed by mom or dad to illustrate balance and instantaneous healing. Her feeling is that we can give each other this same treatment through the use of intuition.

    Through the stress and tension of our daily life we become out of balance. It is very important that we work to bring our self back into balance. Emery gives and example of a client using the PowerShift technique to help her manage her time problem. Another way to manage time is to create priorities. All work and no playtime take us out of balance and leads to an unhealthy body and mind. We all lead stressful lives but as Dr. Emery suggests we can use our stress to motivate or debilitate us. Our bodies communicate to us when we are not successfully dealing with the stress in our lives.

    Powerhunch: Living an Intuitive Life

    We get sick. Emery gives the age-old advice of getting plenty of rest, exercise and eating a balanced diet. She goes one step further in discussing the importance that breathing has in our overall well being. She gives a breathing exercise that helps us see where we are holding our tensions and how to let it go.

    We can also bring imbalance to our selves through the kind of thoughts we have. It is important that we examine our negative way of thinking and use our intuition to help shift these images to positive ones. Our emotional issues also play a huge part in what stresses us. Emery suggests we use guilt, fear, criticism and resentment as blocks to our physical well-being.

    We need to use our intuition to get rid of all these hurts and resentments in order to allow positive feelings to come through. Emery also discusses the importance of using our spiritual self to find our place in the world. She says that during our low spirit times we stress ourselves over the fact that we seem to have no reason for being here.

    When this happens, she reminds us that we should think of all things as being cyclical just as nature itself.

    Also by Marcia Emery

    We wax and wane and what feels hopeless at this moment in time, can through a strengthening of spiritual beliefs be just a tiny break in our spiritual nature. Emery then describes, through PowerHunch exercises, many ways to help us find our place in the world. By keeping all the parts of ourselves in balance, we can then begin to heal ourselves.