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For price to all other countries, please contact hford puc. Description: This is an enlarged version of Pitcairn - Port of Call, with 20 additional years of shipping presented along with a most useful page index for quick reference.

Although at first glance merely a list, upon closer inspection this document is not only a porthole through which to glimpse the history of Pitcairn itself, but also the changing world within which this island community existed. The facts are balanced with amusing vignettes and anecdotes that give intimate insights into this remote community and make the book a delightful read. Since there are only one or two copies of each book listed, please contact hford puc. Published in , this rare, original printing of the book contains one of the most accurate accounts of early Pitcairn history available.

Price and ordering: Three copies of this book are for sale. Description: The true account of the lives of two brothers - John and Jonathan Adams - centered around one of the most infamous acts in the history of the Royal Navy, the Mutiny on the Bounty. Price and ordering: Only one copy available. Description: Mutineer is the story of John Adams, who signed aboard the Bounty under the name of Alexander Smith, of his finding the Bounty's Bible, turning the Pitcairners to Christianity, and of the change of the Pitcairners' religious practice in the s.

Price and ordering: Two copies available.

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Contact hford puc,edu for overseas postal cost. Description: This is an intimately-told story of the life and history of Pitcairn Island by Alta Hilliard Christensen. One copy available. Many photographs, poems, hymns and informative map of the island in the inside covers of this most interesting published book. Description: This small-sized book recounts a full year of ham amateur radio conversations on a wide range of Pitcairn-Bounty-related subjects between Tom Christian on Pitcairn Island, and Eddie Pullen and Herbert Ford at the Adventist's international radio broadcast headquarters in Glendale, California.

Included among the many accounts and pictures in the book is Great Britian's Prince Phillips' visit to Pitcairn along with Lord Louis Mountbatten in in the royal yacht Britannia. Description: This story of sailor-turned-missionary-to-Pitcairn Island is interestingly told in this small paperback book by Sadie Owen Engen. Tay's story ends at the headstone of his grave where he is buried in downtown Suva, Fiji. Price and ordering: One copy available.

Description: In this startling, fully documented book, Alexander McKee uncovers the answers to the many long-unsolved questions about the ship, her captain and crew.

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Using all the natural drama of violent storms and savage native attacks, McKee reconstructs the actual voyage of the ill-fated ship use name is forever linked with one of the epic scandals in naval history. See all other ordering particulars as explained for the genealogies book under "New Books" above. Description: Of his excellent editing of various sources of the Bounty Saga in his book, Anthony writes: "Forty-four seamen, a botanist and a gardener shared the cluttered ship with four four-pound guns and ten swivels.

VOYAGE TO THE SOUTH SEAS by William Bligh - full Audiobook account of THE MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY

The ship was victualled for eighteen months. Bligh's meanness cheated them in the purchasing of the stores and skimped the rations served. Severe in command, he took no heed of the hardships of irregular service. He quarreled with his master and his surgeon at the outset of the voyage, but all that belongs to the story. Let the dead speak and the book get on with its purpose. Description: Of this book author Stuart Woods writes: "Mister Christian is an utterly convincing, brilliantly realized extension of one of history's greatest stories, one that I, like other readers, had sadly thought to be long finished.

Kinsolving has, in research, language, and sheer storytelling power, given Fletcher Christian new and astonishing life; and his readers a fresh and absorbing tale to keep them late at their firesides. The novel cries out for a sequel! Kestel tells the story of the famed mutiny in the language of younger readers. Almost every page of the book has an accompanying page of interesting, line-drawing illustration about the page of text. Any younger reader who enjoys reading about adventure would treasure this book.

George MccKaness, , pages two volumes in one with an excellent index, and a fold-out map of the Bounty's launch track across the Pacific Ocean after the mutiny. McKanass has brought a wealth of knowledge of this key figure of the Bounty Saga to light. He has, if anything, overly researched his subject, but for those with an interest in the Mutiny on the Bounty the abundance of information about Bligh found in this two-volumes-in-one book is inspiring. Description: This beautifully published three-books-in-one softbound edition of the trilogy Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against the Sea, Pitcairn's Island is faithful to the originals which were first published in the s.

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