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Remember my words: This band is going to be huge!! It is absolutely wonderful this album and the perfect musicianship almost glides out of the speakers only to please you and it does!! The more I hear of this brilliant release, the more I am impressed, the more I have a really hard time to acknowledge that these fine musicians are from Belgium! That is meant in the most positive way, mind you!

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Tonny Larsen. The production, as with their 2 previous albums, is absolutely pristine clear and especially highlights the virtuoso skills of Beggs and Travis. Never mind the comparisons with the Alan Parsons Project either, because basically, the real comparison is in the superb engineering and production to detail of each album courtesy of Frank Van Bogaert and William Beckers. So, what type of music are Fish on Friday, and at the same time, does it really matter? I like it when a band like FOF release their debut Shoot the moon and the follow up Airbourne keeps to the same formula As with Godspeed.

If the band goes outside the boundaries that I am accustomed to, and introduce challenging interpretations of music that sound nothing like the previous album of theirs I heard, I could be left disappointed This coming from an original Status Quo fan.. Take note.

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Hard Rock and Heavy Metal at one time were treated as one. Godspeed deals with many tough issues such as suicide, depression, nightmares, dementia etc but amazingly somehow, the songs are delivered in a soothing manner and a feel good factor. Below are my views on each track: 1.

This happens with the Alan Parsons similarity too. Maybe the song could have ended with a scream or an added gimmick to shake the listener. Sting and co vibe. Again, reminds me of Synchronicity era Police, mainly in the guitar sound. This was the song that featured on the free Prognosis CD of Prog magazine and will no doubt have whet the appetite of quite a few Prog readers 5. Travis again delivers some mesmerising saxophone and clarinet here. Friendships faded away without really noticing, and the radio at this time was very important.

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The line "and the Buggles killed the radio star" has some bearing too. But we all know how much the Internet has destroyed the traditional way we used to listen to the radio. Nostalgia indeed … sigh! Again, a slow start but out of nowhere explodes into a mighty chorus and the standout slide guitar solo from Marty Townsend that echoes Dave Gilmour.

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Stunning stuff. STAY - Another song with a bleak story circling around a male and female who are down and out. He asks her to stay the night while they are vulnerable so there might be some hope while they are together that their pain can be taken away. Halfway through the song, which pretty much has a cheesy boy meets girl feel to it, we are again taken aback with some more stunning Slide guitar heroics. The song echoes the pain of dementia, and details the monotony of life suffered.

The song is touching for me personally as my mother recently passed away with Alzheimers. It has a bit of a Beatles feel and mixed with Madness Our House. When my daughter first heard this song while I was driving her to University, it brought a tear to her eye. There you have it. I can hardly wait for the next FOF album sometime in Hopefully Messrs Beggs and Travis will return to the fold, and what would be even more wonderful is if they convince their good friend and fellow band member, Mr Steve Wilson, to appear on the album.

Go buy the album, or buy it for your Mum, Dad, brother or sister. It would make an awesome Christmas present. Paul Watson, amazon UK. Calling the Fish On Friday sound sumptuous would be an understatement. Lyrics, written and sung in English of course by Frank are displayed here in a superbly designed CD booklet which accompanies the album packaging. Belgium might not be that well known as a progressive rock stronghold but with this second FoF CD, it's put on the musical map in a big way.

Progressive rock and adventurous pop fans will fall hook, line and sinker for Fish On Friday. Robert Steven Silverstein, mwe3. Their first album was good but this is fantastic! Well done! More from this stuff please!! Belgium points!

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Harald Rohde, Germany The editorial quote given here of mixing 70s Prog with 80s pop rock is certainly a grand description of Fish on Friday. This second album is a perfect follow up to their debut 'Shoot the Moon' of a couple of years ago in the fact that it has kept to the same formula in catchy Rock tunes. The production once again is absolutely pristine clear, and the musicianship is top drawer. You could also compare the singer from Exile with their big hit 'I wanna Kiss you all over' as another similar vocal style.

Perhaps a similiarity in style to Dave Gilmour and Alan Parsons is closer, but I stick to my thoughts on this one.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Leonorenlieder, by Johann Christian Günther.

Basically, the vocals are just so bass deep, smooth and soulful. Every song sticks in your head in a different way, but unhesitatingly the high point on this album is the song 'Angels never die'. Not very often do I have a song on 'Repeat play' for an hour or more at a time, but this song just makes me feel so god dam good. The sad thing for you curious fans is that the 15 second sampler does not do this song justice at all. The sampler only gives you a bit of the verse, and is basically just building up to a majestic addictive chorus.

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