Love in the Time of the Bakunawa

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Indigenous literary genre? What was it?

My style, obviously fresh, plain, and straight-forward. New, novel, original.

My friend, Bakunawa

My story was interesting, if not arresting. My heroes were neither good nor bad; one learned through their actions, not by imitating them.

I am not returning the prize. I am keeping the money for myself, and for charity organizations of my choice.

Bakunawa: The Moon-Swallower

Mercedes kept her vision. Consumers are the ultimate winners in Iloilo power battle. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Latest News. It also tells that the reason of the eclipses is how the Bakunawa is trying to come back to its home and deceased family.


Let’s talk about Ilonggo love… in time of the Bakunawa

One hypothesis for the 7 moons in the story of Bakunawa is that they represented the 7 months for planting and harvesting in their 12 month lunar calendar. They divide the year into twelve months, although only seven [sc. The first month is that in which the Pleiades appear, which they call Ulalen. The second is called Dagancahuy, the time when the trees are felled in order to sow the land.

Another month they call Daganenan bulan; it comes when the wood of those trees is collected from the fields.

The Breaker: A Mini Critic "Gugma sa Panahon sang Bakunawa"

Another is called Elquilin, and is the time when they burn over the fields. Another they call Cavay; it is when they weed their fields.

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Another they call [Cabuy: crossed out in MS. Another they call Manalulsul, in which the harvesting is completed. As for the remaining months, they pay little attention to them, because in those months there is no work in the fields. We base this on the fact that most of the surrounding countries have similar beliefs.

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The common assumption is that the belief in Bakunawa is an indigenous legend, and has been a part of ancient astronomy and rituals in the Philippines since people first arrived to the region. Art By: Dewa Nyoman Leper. As mentioned in the documentary, the image of Bakunawa was reflective of the surroundings. Giant reptiles were a prominent part of ancient rituals in the Philippines.

When researching this in conjunction with Bakunawa, it could lead to conclusions seen as important findings or as wildly speculative assumptions. During the ceremony they invoke their gods and their ancestors, and inquire of them as to the result of their wars and their journeys.

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By knots or loops which they make with cords, they foretell what will happen to them; and they resort to these practices for everything which they have to undertake. He's not jealous of his dragon descent best friend, no. Certainly not.

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