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My agent helps me, these days, but when I first started out, I sent a 4th or 5th draft to beta readers and critique partners to see if I was hitting the right note. Aside from those major signposts, I mostly write by the seat of my pants, a scene at a time. Every writer has a different process, and sometimes, every book has a different process. A: This book is wonderfully sexy, and I adore they way the sex scenes are erotic, passionate, fully realized, and yet more evocative than explicit.

I keep thinking about ripe plums. Is that something you think about? Do you find you have a lot of male fans relative to other romance writers? D: Oh, yes. I was quite surprised, the first time I saw the cover of Wicked as They Come, because I never imagined it would be a book with a half-naked dude on it. A: One of the things that I really enjoyed is the ick-factor as sexy—for example when Criminy touches Letitia without gloves.

There are a few other places you play with sexy ick in the book, and I love it. Does it come naturally? Do you have to rein yourself in? D: Thank you!

I toned it down in the sequels. But I will say that balancing out that ick factor is my need for consent in writing sex. As a rape victim, that gives me much more freedom to enjoy sex scenes. A: Thanks for sharing how an awful personal experience shapes your writing. I appreciate you being open about that—to me real, honest conversations about sexuality and even sexual violence are one of most amazing things about what comes of the romance genre. D: Aw, thanks! Would you believe Tish originally had a husband and small child?

A: Yay! Thanks again for joining us! Delilah S. Bring cupcakes. An excellent survey of various styles. Publisher: A. Bell: This group of prints illustrates well the use of star shaped fortifications, which became the standard in response to the extensive use of artillery beginning in the 15th century. Also pictured are diagrams of a catapult and a rather crude ballista, an example of a keep with several curtain walls, and a diagram of the foundation of a typical wall.


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Publisher: St. Martin's Press: First edition. Minimal wear to corners. Numerous color and black-and-white illustrations, including quite a few of siege engines and the fortifications they were designed to overcome. Fighting Techniques of the Medieval World describes the fighting techniques of soldiers in Europe and the Near East in an age before the widepsread use of gunpowder.

The book explores the unique tactics required to win battles with the technology available, and demonstrates how little has changed in some respects of the art of war. The book is divided into five chapters covering the Publisher: D. About fine, with no marks or wear to the image. Professionally matted and ready for framing.

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A hand colored second strike printed by the Fleet Street printmaker Robert Sayers from the original copper plates used by Samuel and Nathaniel Buck. The original print was issued in , and the print we offer bears this same date since the original plates were used.

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This printing, issued in , was available bound in three volumes entitled Buck's Antiquities A lengthy caption describes t About fine. A lengthy caption describes the history of the castle fr Publisher: Crescent: Includes original jacket. Lightly rubbed. John Burke enables the reader to see the castle in the context of medieval society, and to get a clear picture of the castle forts through the great Norman and high medieval period to the castle's transformation into the manor house.

Lee's Confederates. As a Union army and navy logistical base, it contained a complex of hospitals, storehouses, equipment repair facilities, and animal corrals. These were in addition to other public buildings, small urban areas, and vast open space that constituted th By: Cope Bros. Publisher: Cope Bros.

An exceptional set. A complete set of 25 tobacco cards issued in , each individually numbered, featuring some of the finest examples of fortification in Great Britain. The reverse of each card contains a paragraph or two describing the history and significance of each castle.

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Publisher: Chez Jean-Baptiste Coignard: French text. Loss to spine ends, lightly foxed, a few marginal ink notations in French, owner's title label on spine. Nouvelle et Derniere Edition. Buff paper boards, sewn binding. A treatise on geometry followed by a distillation of Vauban's theories regarding military architecture. Vauban was the most respected mind of his time in this field, and his innovations led to significant changes in fortified structures.

This work contains numerous illustrations indicating the benefits of particular geometric configurations in terms of strength and strategic va By: Duffy, Christopher. Top page ridge faintly foxed, rear jacket panel lightly toned.

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A modern analysis of fortification and siegecraft, following the construction of fortresses from the earliest planning stages through their use in warfare, with specific historical examples illustrating strategic architecture. Illustrated with contemporary prints, and photographs of existing castles and models of historical examples. Absent from Kenyon's bibliography, as this work deals mostly with Italian, German, Dutch, and French t Publisher: Hippocrene Books, Inc.

Ella decides to join Zoe at Pony School for the holidays and when meanie Peach Parker turns up, they fear it will be the worst idea ever. But the tables turn when Peach is knocked off her perch by posh girls Letitia and Lavinia. Will Ella's love of horses be ruined by the new snobs in town? And most confusing of all, is Ella starting to feel sorry for Peach? Your browser does not support javascript, some WebOpac functionallity will not be available. Suggest a Purchase. Search Search Catalogue. Search Everything. User Signon.

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