Kalle gegen Alle (Kinderroman) (German Edition)

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Doch der strenge Vater ist gegen die Beziehung. Er schickt Clara nach Dresden.


Doch Robert reist ihr nach Based on fact Ingo Hasselbach's book 'Die Abrechnng' adapted for the screen by Douglas Graham and director Winfried Bonengel , this story relates the changes that occur in the close friendship of two boys torn by the confinement of the East German Communists vs the Western freedom of West Germany and the countries not under Communist control. It informs us about that transition with the fall of the Berlin wall and the subsequent adjustment to the new form of life East Germans found beyond the crumbled wall.

Five years ago, the unmarried mother MelanieBrunnhauser had surrendered her daughter Maria to fosterparents. Now, she is married and demands the return of maria, whom she has never seen again since her birth, regardless of the relationship which has built up between the child and her fosterparents in the meantime. Edmund, a young boy who lives in the destructed Germany after the 2nd World War has to do all kinds of work and tricks to help his family in getting food and barely survive. One day he meets a man who used to be one of his teacher in school and hopes to get support from him, but the ideas of this man does not lead Edmund in a clearer or safer way of living History of a Jewish family, the Oppermanns, in Berlin at the end of , after Hitler has become the leader of Germany's strongest political party.

After the fall of the wall, they take the opportunity to go on holiday with their car, an old Trabant. They simply want to visit Italy.

But there are some incidents during their journey. Die Goldene Stadt is a set in a dream world that never was. Like a fairy tale, albeit horrifically banal and naive even for a fairy tale, it was primarily made to make war torn Germany forget about the destructiveness that the madness of the Third Reich. East Germany, the year A young man protests against the regime. His mother watches the police arresting him and suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma.

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Some months later, the GDR does not exist anymore and the mother awakes. Since she has to avoid every excitement, the son tries to set up the GDR again for her in their flat. But the world has changed a lot The summerly adventures of Kurt Tucholsky and girl friend staying in a Swedish castle whilst the political changes in Germany in the thirties.


Swedish national Raoul Wallenberg, newcomer to politics and international machinations, travels to German-occupied Budapest during WWII in order to effectively intervene in the fate of trapped Hungarian Jews, by providing them with safe passage to Sweden. Based on a true story. Recently-discovered color footage tells the story of an extraordinary Munich weekend when Adolf Hitler and nearly the entire Nazi leadership attended a three-day national cultural festival--including concerts, dancing, exhibitions and a five-mile-long parade--titled "2, Years of German Culture". The film was shot in July , just six weeks before the Second World War began, by an amateur film buff who wangled a special pass to shoot the event in close-up on color millimeter Kodachrome.

Als es wieder einmal zum Streit kommt, haut er von zu Hause ab.

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Von nun an will er seine Geschicke selbst in die Hand nehmen. Aufwendig in Szene gesetzt von Urs Egger.

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A milksop Janek Rieke is left by his girl-friend. On his search for a new girl-friend he meets a bike-courier Lisa Martinek. She only wants to sleep with him if he proves that he is no coward. But this needs a lot of overcoming as this woman is the total opposite of him: she lives in an apartment-sharing community, bravely confronts skin-heads and is involved in eco-terrorism.

Stolen Child

A young shoemaker is arrested for stealing a small amount of money, and is released after being jailed for 15 years. He wants to have a pass to get a job and start anew, but without a job he doesn't get a pass; and without a pass, he doesn't get a job. He gets into the net of Prussian bureaucracy, and can't see a solution. Until he enters a small Second-Hand Shop, and sees a Prussian Uniform that fits him like a second skin Das Heimweh hat sie arg geplagt.

Doch das alles hat Heidi auf sich genommen, um ihrer kranken Freundin in Frankfurt Lebensmut zu geben. Perhaps the most famous little girl in the whole wide literary world, "Heidi" was the invention of Swiss writer Johanna Spyri, a prolific creator of children's fiction. A wealthy shoe factory owner deceides to spend his vacation on the country.

But his wife - and her lover - are trying to find him. Eduard, Otto and Heinz are identical triplets. Without knowledge of the others, the youngest of them uses an ad text of one brother and a melody of the other to compose a song for a pop-song contest. When he wins a cruise as the first price, the brothers enter a claim for it. So all of them go on vacation - with only one ticket.

Even more confusion arises, when a detective on board sees through their game and suspects them to be a notorious gangster trio. Eberhard Dobermann is a widower and a policeman who loves to control the roads and let people pay fines. Even with his neighbour and friend Jutta Schmalbach he has no pity. Thus he cannot understand why his daughter Karin just falls in love with a racing pilot called Walter. But it gets even worse when Eberhard wins a VW-Kaefer at the annual police party. So he has to learn to drive and thus even brings his teacher close to a heart attack.

Alle neun Kinder sind, wie man sagt gut geraten und bereiten den Eltern Freude. In this East German teen musical, a group of girls are planning to take their summer vacation together on the Baltic coast. When a loud and obnoxious group of boys intrudes on their holiday, the girls are horrified to learn that the boys have the same vacations plans as them. The two groups quarrel with each other and compete over a number of things, but gradually an attraction starts to form. Chicken Run is a comedy escape drama with a touch of passion set on a sinister Yorkshire chicken farm in 's England.

The film follows the turbulent romance between two farmyard chickens, Rocky and Ginger, who yearn for freedom and plan a daring 'prisoner of war' style escape. This is a filming of the self biography of Anna Wilmschneider. It depicts life experiences and workaday routine of a farmers woman born in the 20s in lower Bavaria, Germany.

Anna's mother died early in childbed and since then Anna had to take her place and work very hard. On a Nazi rally she meets young Albert, who owns a farm. They realize that they both don't believe into fascism, and go off for a cafe, where he starts wooing her.


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Against her prior decision to leave the farm as soon as possible, she agrees to marry him, in the hope that her life will become easier on Albert's farm. After the war he focused increasingly on political subjects, even daring to take on such important but controversial themes as the division of the country into East and West.

This Wim Wenders film centers around the story of two angels wandering post-war Berlin. Invisible to humans, they nevertheless give their help and comfort to all the lonely and depressed souls they meet. Finally, after many centuries, one of the angels becomes unhappy with his immortal state and wishes to become human in order to experience the joys of everyday life. He meets a circus acrobat and finds in her the fufillment of all his mortal desires.

He also discovers that he is not alone in making this cross over, and that a purely spiritual experience is not enough to satisfy anyone.

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Sie wird bald sechzig und Faisals Frau. Dann bekommt Rosalie einen dicken Bauch, aber nicht von ihrem Geliebten, dem Finanzhai. Walter Faber has survived a crash with an airplane. His next trip is by ship. On board this ship he meets the enchanting Sabeth and they have a passionate love affair. Together they travel to her home in Greece, but the rational Faber doesn't know what fate has in mind for him for past doings. Director Konrad Wolf examines his own past through this poetic film about a young German who returns to his country in after serving in the Russian army.

Back at home, he finds he is a stranger on his own soil. One of the most critically acclaimed and important films in German cinematic history! Fun, award-winning romantic comedy about following and finding your destiny. Moritz Bleibtreu Run Lola Run stars as Daniel, a shy Hanburg student teacher who impulsively resolves to follow a beautiful tourist he just met in Istanbul. Im Herz.