How to Tame a Wolf (Vampire on Werewolf Femdom Erotica)

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Dominant Species Ch. New Beginnings Ch. Anna and the Vampire Ch. Game of Power Ch. The Christopher Chronicles Ch. The Arctic Eira is forced to save her people, but at what cost? Running with Wolves Ch. Trusting Love Ch. Heresy Bk. Hunting Wolves Ch.

Book: Vampire Sunrise

Healed by the Wolf 02 Vera accepts Killian's proposal, but with a condition. Running From Wolves Ch. Gray Lake Wolves Pt. Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. The First Evil Ch. Frenemies Theo and Jonathan meet their mates. Factors of Change Ch. Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. Pawn Among Wolves Ch. Seducing Jennifer Pt.

Shifting Fortunes Ch. New Life Anya meets the pack. Satin Sleigh Ride Russian sleigh ride segues into supernatural horror. The Fallen Ch. Tenshi's first shift. The Silver Moon Ch. The Tail of Two Wolves Ch. Or will rivalry rip them apart? Ivanovs Ch.

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Natalia and Her Wolf Ch. Young Love Kyra and Malcolm's journey. The Hungry Wolf Ch. Kindle freebie again, June 6, Recommended for fans of urban fantasy with a side of romance a small side in this case. Bonus if you like gaming as w Kindle freebie again, June 6, Bonus if you like gaming as well.

Jade Crow is a gamer and a sorcerer with strong magical powers, hiding from the Big Bad, another sorcerer and Jade's ex-boyfriend who's the worst user ever -- during their relationship he helped her enhance her magical powers so that at the end of it he could eat her heart and have her powers for himself. Because that's just what sorcerers in this universe do.

The place where she is hiding is a small town with lots of ley lines and magic, so it attracts lots of shapeshifters, leprechauns and other magical folk. If Jade keeps her head down and doesn't use too much power in her magic, she hopes all this magic will hide her, and she'll be safe for a while, anyway and not endanger anyone around her. But then the shapeshifter mother of her best friend gets turned into a semi-living stuffed animal by someone wielding some serious magical power, and the Shapeshifter's Council of Nine sends a hot Russian tiger-shapeshifter dude named Alek after Jade, because of their visions that she's at the center of some trouble, and maybe Jade can't keep a low profile any longer.

If you love Kate Daniels or Mercy Thompson type of urban fantasies, this is worth a shot, though it's not as well-developed a world. It also does that thing that the first few Kate Daniels books did, where there's a whole lot of important backstory to Jade's life that only gradually gets revealed in later books. This is the start of the Twenty-Sided Sorceress series because she always carries a sided gaming cube on her.

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They're all quite short, around pages. I understand that later books in this series have some really awful cliffhangers, but this one's not too bad even if it leaves several threads hanging, and it's a freebie, so there's that.

Also be warned that the last 30 pages or so of this Kindle freebie are the start of the second book, trying to get you hooked in. Nov 29, Silence Fallen Mercy Thompson, Maybe my favorite Mercy Thompson book! The plotting here is just ingenious! She heads to the kitchen to make a double-quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies for the pack her habit of baking treats after being exiting the game having more than a little to do with why someone always kills her off early in these games. Werewolves are a hungry bunch.

So Mercy makes a quick run to the local convenience store. Her last memory is getting hit by the airbags in her SUV.

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Silence had fallen between us, not the electric, expectant kind. This silence was the emptiness that falls in the dead of night in the middle of a Montana winter when the world is encased in snow and icy cold, a silence that engulfed my soul and left me alone. Two vampires, strangers to Mercy who look like Italian gangsters, enter the room and greet her. One radiates power and the other … nothing at all. He had her kidnapped because he was told, by someone being deceptive, that she was the most dangerous person in the Tri-Cities.

Meanwhile, Adam is gathering an impressive rescue team. He, Marsilia and Stefan two of the most powerful vampires in their alliance , the witch Elizaveta, and a few other friends are trying to figure out where Mercy is and how they can get her back … without causing a deadly interspecies war between vampires and werewolves. In a very real sense, Mercy is more dangerous than she or her captors think.

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The different setting is a breath of fresh air, and Briggs takes advantage of the rich culture, including a guest role by the famous Golem of Prague. Briggs does her own complex plotting in Silence Fallen , with various layers that are gradually revealed and then tie together in a very satisfactory way in the end, with a few surprises along the way. The other involves a surprise appearance of a character that I think is factually inconsistent with events in prior books. Initial reaction: I can't believe I downloaded this from NetGalley, decided to read just the first chapter because there are too many other books I'm supposed to be reading and reviewing This is a suck-you-right-in kind of book.

I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a review. Thank you!! Content advisory: A few scattered F-bombs, supernatural violence, a very brief and mild sex scene. Mar 27, Nov 11, Nov 12, Blue is a Darkness Weakened by Light. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature : A young woman, an aspiring author, moves to the big city to try to find success. What she finds instead Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature : A young woman, an aspiring author, moves to the big city to try to find success.

What she finds instead is a life of hard knocks, and an ancient vampire who befriends her and sometimes helps her copyedit vampire romance books. The heat in their apartment has been broken for months. The place I left behind never got cold enough to kill you. This short story is a mix of an amusing sendup of the paranormal romance genre and a poignant tale of struggling to get by, losing hope in your dreams, with a hard look at the cut-throat world of publishing.

Kitti Minx ASMR - Crimson & Violet Got You! [ Tsundere ] [ Yandere ] [ Succubus ] [Roleplay

The mood of this story is poignant and bleak, with occasional touches of humor to lighten the darkness. There is little here by way of plot, though the emotional complexity helps to make up for it. Free online at Tor.

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  • Oct 11, Lightspeed Magazine, November Short fiction reviews first posted on Fantasy Literature. Additional review added for "La Alma P 3. So human souls are far more precious than gold, passed down in families or purchased for fortunes. Soul custodians, like Alvardo, assist in collecting souls of the dying and holding it until the new recipient is there and ready for it. Alvardo is hired by the wealthy Espinoza family to collect the soul of their dying grandmother, Marguerite, and pass it on to a new grandchild that will be born soon.

    After he collects the soul, Alvardo is promptly taken by the Espinoza guards to a safe house to await the birth of the child, but on the way Alvardo is captured by unknown assailants who want the valuable human soul he is carrying for their own purposes.

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    Not only are souls rare things that can be trapped or transferred, but the people themselves are different, bleeding humors rather than blood, for example. Alvardo has competing motivations, since his own soul was taken away when he was young and sold by his parents for a fortune. These are fairly minor quibbles, though; overall this is an intriguing and thought-provoking story, and Jeremiah Tolbert tells it well. Arthur is fifteen years old, thin and pale; his ten year old brother Henry is as tall as Arthur, and far more hearty and energetic.